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28mm High Fantasy



High Fantasy miniatures in 28mm. All Metal Miniatures

In this section you will find the Alternative Armies 28mm scale Fantasy range of high quality metal miniatures. Perfect for any and all fantasy systems and campaigns and offered to you at fantastic prices.   We offer the choice of purchasing a whole pack of miniatures at a great price, or selecting single poses from the packs and purchasing them as individual miniatures.  Tailor your choices exactly as you want.Build forces for any 25mm or 28mm fantasy system.

How to choose your Miniatures in the High Fantasy range

Navigate to the section here that you like, for example Dwarvish Host, then click on the code you fancy such as DH1 Young Dwarves.  On that code's page you will see an image of all the poses in the pack.  The image will run from left to right showing the whole pack contents with Pose 1 on the far left, then Pose 2 and so on to the right.  Using the drop down menu on the page you can then choose to order a Whole Pack, or Pose 1, Pose 2, Pose 3 etc along with the quantity desired.  In this manner you can tailor your choices to exactly what you desire.  If you want one of each miniature  then you can have it, if you want ten of pose 3 from the pack you can have it too!


Click on the links above to view each section of the 28mm Fantasy Range



Darkestorme Fantasy Rules - A versatile High Fantasy skirmish system that is character driven for use with Alternative Armies miniatures. 


All miniatures in this section are sold unpainted. Each pack gives details of its contents for your reference. To allow you to see the full details of each miniature our images here have been produced using an inking method. A light surface layer of blue or black has been applied to the miniature, the image is then cropped and reduced in size for web use; that is all. What you see is what you get.


Please note that all miniatures are supplied with plastic bases included as part of the price. 


For a full selection of all the plastic and metal types of bases we offer CLICK here.



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