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5109 Sharkes Chosen Box Set


14 Flintloque Character Miniatures (18 pieces)

This Flintloque 3rd edition character box set gives you all of the classic characters of Sharke plus his Chosen Rifle Orcs along with new characters both on foot and mounted for the first time. All new miniatures. The box set contains:


5109 Sharkes Chosen Booklet (4 pages)

10 White Metal 28mm scale miniatures on foot

4 White Metal 28mm scale miniatures on horses

All needed Plastic Bases


The booklet gives you full character details for Flintloque for each miniature, uniform guides, adventure ideas plus an introductory scenario to get you started.


Some assembly is required plus Sharke comes with a choice of hands, one with Rifle the other with captured Eagle Standard!


Please note you will need a Flintloque Game book in order to make full use of this boxed set. We recommend either 5025 War in Catalucia or SSP01 Shilling Service Pack for Catalucia.


Look below for more on this set.

Price: £34.50



The 5109 Sharkes Chosen boxed set is packed with super miniatures and Flintloque fun!

Do you want to read the four page booklet that comes with the 5109 Sharkes Chosen boxed set?

Well you can!  CLICK HERE to download the booklet for free in PDF form.  The download also contains hi-rez images!


Here is a listing and pictures of all the included miniatures and images so you can see them in all their glory.

Captain Sharke and Sergeant Harpy


Rifleorc Arris, Rifleorc Tunge, Rifleorc Hagsmun, Rifleorc Purrkinz and Rifleorc Koopa


Captain Fredorcson, Major Wogan and Major Piecrust

Mounted Versions of characters - Sharke, Harpy, Wogan and Piecrust


This is an essential set of miniatures for Flintloque players who wish to game in war torn Catalucia!


There was a special convention scenario written for Salute 2012 featuring, among others, miniatures from this set. 

Get along to Barking Irons Online to read it for free (search the Flintloque pages).


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