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52019 Von Rotte Line Soldats



In the aftermath of the Severed Ears War the legions of the Von Rotte were exiled from Krautia along with their illustrious leader the Baron Frederick the Ales Von Rotte. Having tangled just once too often with Artur the ruler of Krautia the Baron had little choice but to throw in his lot with the Elves of Armorica. The newly formed Confederation of Finklestein, a loosely tied group of small Dwarven states, welcomed the Von Rotte legions with open arms. Finely drilled infantry, cavalry and gunners were thin on the ground and a general as talented as the Baron was rare indeed. Swearing an oath of fealty to the Elvish Emperor Mordred the Baron was given command not only of his own soldiers but also some of those belonging to the Emperor in his wars against Krautia and Ostaria.

A veteran in the truest sense the Baron has been at war since the Darke Age and is a master of battle. He excels in the leading of grenadiers and fusiliers and his troops are rarely routed, in fact it was in the Severed Ears War only the lack of sufficient soldiers that defeated the Baron. Alongside the troops of the Ferach Empire the Baron Von Rotte is now a very old Dwarf but he is still an extremely skilled tactician and loved by those troops who fight under him. Atop his pummilig pig ‘Bristle’ he serves up the mead of victory to Mordred.


The Dwarf legions of the Red Baron are among the most experienced troops in Urop and it shows. Rushed from region to region, the regiments of foot along with the famous grenadiers and the cavalry take on foes that lesser troops would shy away from.

Some would say these short fellows are the finest regular infantry on Valon. Their regimental histories read like a scroll of the entire era of black powder war in Urop. The structure of a Regular line battalion is as follows. Fusilier battalions are two to the regiment and each is composed of nearly eighteen hundred Dwarves plus officers and staff. A battalion was divided into six large equal companies, one of which designated as a skirmish company of Light Troops. Each company has about three hundred Dwarves which are separated into six Platoons and three headquarters elements. A Section normally has ten to fifteen Dwarves including an Officer, a lesser Officer, a couple of Sergeants, a musician and standard bearer, the rest being Soldats. They are armed with a Dwarf Musket MkII , Officers have a Sword, Sergeants have a Musket. The uniform consists of a red tunic, white breeches, a black tricorne and black shoes. Facing colours (cuffs, collars, etc.) vary. Equipment is black and brown, with equipment straps being of white leather.


3 Dwarves

This pack contains three 28mm scale white metal miniatures. Trooper poses with muskets. Plastic Bases are supplied with this pack.


For command to go with this pack see code 52018.


For a full Slaughterloo unit code of these miniatures see 52514-U

Price: £5.75


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