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54518-U Guinalean Legion Grenadiers


20 Ferach Bog Orcs

This unit pack contains twenty miniatures, Bog Orcs, including an Elf Officer. Bog Orc Eagle Bearer, Sergeant and three trooper poses with musket.



Made up from blisters 54039,54040,54041.

Price: £40.00


The Guinalean Legion

Bog Orcs of Mordred

Guinalea's formal commitment to Mordred's war against Albion takes the form of the Guinalean Legion, comprised of Bog Orc refugees. Many Bog Orcs left their war-torn land and travelled to Armorica to seek sanctuary. Jumping at the chance to fight against the Orcs, they even conceded to be led by Elven Officers. Even though this caused a few language problems, these were soon got round, and the Guinalean Legion proved to be a devastating fighting force in Mordred's arsenal of foreign troops.

Initially, they were equipped with High Elf Muskets and Bayonets, but during active service, many Bog Orcs began to use captured Orc Bessies, contrary to the orders of their Elven Commanders. While this practice is discouraged, many Guinaleans continue to use the larger firearm. The Guinalean Legion comprises all arms from line Infantry to light troops and some of the finest grenadier companies in Ferach service. Artillery and light Cavalry round out the Legion's forces and acting as separate divisions under Elven generalship these divisions can be found from the Witchlands to Catalucia.



The tall shakos and brass plates of the Guinalean Legion's grenadiers approaching an enemy can at times induce flight from the battlefield. Named the Guinalie Imperiale Grenaderie in the rough Ferach tongue of the exiled Bog Orcs it is a fitting title as these troops have stood side by side with the famous Velite Grenadiers in many vicious engagements in the snows of the Witchlands.

STATUS and ARMAMENT: The Legion Grenadiers are classed as Regular Infantry armed with Ferach Muskets.

UNIFORM: The Infantry uniform consists of a white tunic, grey breeches, black headwear with a brass plate, gold metal fittings and black shoes. Facing colours (cuffs, collars, etc.) are bottle green. Equipment is black and brown, with equipment straps being of black leather.


Treat the Grenadiers as Bog Orcs and pay points for them accordingly. Typical weapons are Swords for Officers and Pistol, Troopers carry Orc Bessies or Ferach Muskets. Some troopers carry a number of Grenades mixed normally of two standard and one Elf Fyre grenade or Smoke.

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