This is the basket Message

This is the basket Message

57401 Othari Agypt DAP


Save approx 22% on this Divisional Pack

An Entire Slaughterloo Division in a box!


Line Infantry:

1 Unit of 20 Janissaries Aegypt (57501-U)

1 Unit of 20 Household Warrior Spears (57505-U)

1 Unit of 20 Janissaries Empyre (57502-U)

1 Unit of 36 AL-HAZRAD Militia (57508-U)


Light Infantry:

1 Unit of 12 Household Warriors (Musket) Light Infantry with Matchloques (57506-U)


1 Unit of 10 Othari Cavalry on Gnolls (57511-U)



1 Medium Barking Dog

(Medium Iron Cannon with 7 Crew) (57500)



1 Mounted Othari General (57004)



Bases: 11 Cavalry Bases 95 Infantry Bases



Total List price if bought seperate £191.00 (Unpainted)

Saving off List Price with this DAP £46.00 (Unpainted)


Please note percentage savings are approx the same for Painted and Based option.

Price: £166.00


Telephone +44(0)1465 841677