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Welcome to the Ferach Empire section of the Flintloque pages.  By clicking on the links above you can enter each section and browse the varied parts of this mighty Empire's troops.  All codes with images.


The Ferach Empire contains many different races and types of troops, below is a simple guide to each of them.  (please note that far more detail is contained in the Flintloque and Slaughterloo books)




Elves of Armorica - The leaders of the Ferach Empire, these fine soldiers form the core of all troops under their Tyrant Emperor Mordred.


Todoroni of Nepolise - Gaudy and strutting these amphibians are not great soldiers but they have fantastic style.


Bog Orcs of the Guinalean Legion - Rebels and those who fled their homeland to fight on the side of the Tyrant; fine soldiers.


Ogres of Finklestein and Hunvaria - Huge soldiers of great strength from the petty kindoms of the Ferach allied Confederation.


Dwarves of Finklestein - Short and stout troops of the petty kindoms of the Confederation; they are solid troops.


Dwarves of Beervaria - A kingdom of Dwarves and Ogres in the Finklestein Confederation.


Dogmen of Finklestein - The Confederation contains many small kingdoms of Dog Soldiers, these also fight for the Ferach Empire.


Trolka of Skandavia - The Biggest Soldiers of all, these Trolls are massive and while few in numbers they add their weight to the Empire's cause.


Dogmen of Saxhunde - The Kingdom of Saxhundy produces fine Dog Soldiers under their leader King Fido Augustus.


Rabbits of Burrovia - The Burrovians are long time allies of the Elves and their Rabbit Soldiers serve across the Empire.


Wild Elves of Tuscani - Larger and more feral Elves that fight as mercenaries for the Tyrant Emperor.


Ferach Diberian Werewolves - Much of the barren country of Diberia sided with the Dark Czar, but not all, such as the Visthowla Legion.


Centaurs of the Dutchy of Coltz - The four legged nobles of Diberia, they have resisted the machinations of the Dark Czar for years.


Dogs of Pudigrochumsberg - Victims of the Ostarian Empire, these Dog Soldiers lend their remaining weight to the Emperor's cause.







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