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Frontear - The New Worlde


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 Fight the skirmishes of the Amerkan Rebellion, the War of Eighteen Bellls, the Civile Warre and the Wylde West; plus much more!


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Flintloque goes to Amerka!!!!



Frontear the Skirmish

The New Worlde - Amerka in Valon’s 4th Age of Blackpowder & 5th Age of Perkussion.

The Frontear book covers all the periods of Amerkan History and features famous commanders and characters, with more than sixty pages of background to read. A full skirmish rule system based on Flintloque Reloaded with all needed tables and statistics, three starter scenarios and more. A complete and seperate skirmish game set in Amerka.

New places, new races, new weapons, new battles and new chances for glory!

Create characters using a full points system, eqipe them with a choice of weapons, optional rules for skills and magicke abilities, create scenarios and link them for campaign play to develop your section of characters. Learn the rules in one game, average playing time only thirty minutes. Have fun, have adventures and help expand the Frontear!

The 4th Age of Valon

The Pilgrimes have settled in the New Worlde and they face the threats of the vast unknown. In time they assist their ruler King Gorge in breaking the Ferach Elf hold on the lands of Quebecca in a series of brutal battles in the forests. Led by General Washertunne the Orcs of the colonies fight for their freedom in the Great Rebellion, from the city of Bozzturn to New Yeorc. The fledgling regiments of the Amerkan army fight their former masters in the Albion War facing many of Wheeling-turns veteran Red coats from the war in Catalucia in the War of Eighteen Bells. The end of the Napoleonique Wars and the banishment of the Ferach tyrant Mordred leaves the new Nation able to expand and at to wage war against the Dark Elves to free the Lone Starre Statte..

The 5th Age of Valon - Wylde West & Civile Warre

The invention of the Perkussion cap, and then the cartridge rifle and the revolver, changes the face of war on Valon and in turn came the Civile Warre betwixt the Stattes when the shelling of Fort Sumper led to years of carnage as Unionist Northern Orc armies battle with Souffern Confederate Elves. Out in the expanse of the Frontear wandering bands of outlaws, soldiers, roving Injians and Undead Caroo harass towns where only the Law givers and their skill with a revolver keeps peace in the Wylde West.

All these events of high adventure can be played out in a skirmish setting using these rules and the Frontear range of 28mm miniatures from Alternative Armies.


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