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Frontear Gallery



Welcome to the Frontear Gallery page, here you can find pictures of games in progress, scratch-built terrain and converted or unique miniatures for Frontear.  Enjoy and if you have something to submit then email us direct at Alternative Armies and we will let you know how to submit your own works for this page.


Below are images taken from the Frontear collection of the extremely talented Edward Jackson, whose other works you might be familiar with !!!





Above is a pitched battle ongoing between Unionist Amerkan forces (Orcs, Dwarves, Rabbits, Dogs) and Confederate troops (High Elves, Goblins).  Image on the left is shown in more detail in two parts on the right.


Miniatures in this image are taken from the Frontear and Flintloque ranges, some heavily converted.  Scenic items and backdrop are from the modellers own collection.





Above you can see a heavily converted Burrovian Infantry Trooper which with the addition of modelling putty and some bits has been turned into a pistol wielding townsman.





Above are two images of Frontear skirmishes in progress.  To the left among the rocks and cacti of the Aridzona some Frontearsorcs are ambushed by Goblin Banditos.  Miniatures taken from the Frontear range and scenic items from the modellers own collection.  On the right a Mecchican cantina is about to be brought down by Ogre bounty hunters and their Dwarven hired helps; miniatures from the Frontear and Flintloque range with some converted figures, scenic items and building from the modellers own collection.








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