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pt01 Sloped Hill 15
One Piece Plastic Hill
Price: £20.00
pt02 Sloped Hill 17
One Piece Plastic Hill
Price: £25.00
pt03 Sloped Hill 22
One Piece Plastic Hill
Price: £30.00
pt04 Sloped Hill Set
Sloped Hill Set - 3 Hills
Price: £70.00

Almost as Light as Blue Styrofoam, stronger than Hard Resin, more durable than White Polystyrene and they come fully finished and ready to use!

Why Choose our Sloped Plastic Hills?

• Alternative Armies unique ‘Slope’ feature ,makes marching formations up, across, down our hills a joy.
• Made from 3mm thick High Density Polyurethane Plastic.
• Multiple layering of high quality flocking using our professional preparation and finishing process.
• Each piece is stress tested and inspected before being passed for final sale.
• A professional product for discerning Wargamers.

The Advantages over other forms of traditional terrain

• Stronger than any Resin, Styrofoam or Polystyrene.
• Extremely resistant to wear and very light to carry.
• Does not crack or chip and has a very consistent surface.
• The Biggest production Hills on the market.



The Dimensions of our hills are 15 x 10 Inches (35.5 x 25 cm) for PT01, 17 x 13 Inches (42.5 x 32.5 cm) for PT02 and 22 x 17 Inches (55 x 42.5 cm) for PT03; these being the 'foot print' or the space upon the gaming table that each occupies. Each hill has a large flat area that forms its summit. The slope of each hill is constant and runs smoothly from the summit to the edge, at an angle that is easy for any scale of miniature to climb.

All of these hills have the same gradient of slope that reaches out just under 8cm (3 inches) from the summit to the edge. All three hills are approximately 4cm (1.75 inches) in height at their highest point.

Alternative Armies - The Slope Feature

What is the advantage in having these hills with their slopes and flat tops on your gaming table?

The Slope on our hills has been specially calculated to allow any scale of miniatures from 6mm upwards (with 15mm and 28mm being standard) to move from the table surface onto the hill’s slope and then ascend easily to the top. With virtually no ‘lip’ from the table to the foot of the slope your miniatures can move easily at the same angle up the slope to the summit. The slope cancels any need to remove your miniatures from the table for a Turn as they climb, or have miniatures unrealistically appear upon the summit of the hill as if by magic.
Finally you can actually fight to take the hill, step by step, slope by summit!

Alternative Armies - Hill Size

All the miniatures in the pictures are large 28mm scale Alternative Armies miniatures or 15mm HOT Fantasy Miniatures.

The smallest of our hills (PT01) is large enough to easily hold sixty of these 28mm miniatures while the largest (PT03) can hold more than 100 with little difficulty. In 15mm scale many hundreds of miniatures can fit on to each hill. See for yourself, take a tape measure and mark out these dimensions on a flat surface then imagine your troops in battle like those in our images. Oh, and remember each hill is almost as light as the same sized piece in Styrofoam making it really easy to carry and transport.

PDF Booklet & Images

Would you like a PDF booklet with more information, diagrams and images. If so email us and we will send it to you (PDF is 1mb in size):

Would you like to see the images here in hi-rez and much larger? If so please email us and we will send you a zipped folder of images (2.5mb in size):

Sloped Hard Plastic Hills - a unique range of wargamer scenics


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