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IAG002 Firefight 2.0


Battleground Set 1 - Killing Streets (Boxed Set)

This is a complete boxed game for Firefight 2.0.


The boxed set contains:


IAG001 Firefight Battle Ground Set 01 – Killing Streets pack contains a thirty two page mono booklet with full rules of play, background of the Ion Age and the War on New Bosworth, tables and charts for characters and weapons and nine unique street based missions. Ten sheets of heavy card full colour Battle Grounds comprising just under four hundred squares of playing area depicting Roads and Pavements. Also over eighty squares of cover scenics (Vehicles, Barricades and other street furniture) along with ninety six order tokens and also twenty four squares of objectives, air mines, sentry guns and force pavaise.


Along with:


16 Ion Age 28mm Miniatures, all with lipped plastic bases. These sixteen miniatures form four squads which are ideal for playing out the entire Mission 1-6 and the majority of the forces for the larger missions 7-9 in the booklet.


10 D6 7mm size dice - IAB001Action Dice (Yellow and Black).


A complete game with all you need to play.

Price: £50.00


Here is a more detailed account of what you will get in the IAG002 Firefight 2.0 Boxed Set.


Sixteen Ion Age 28mm Miniatures for The Killing Streets (shown below, miniatures supplied unpainted).






See the PAINTED and BASED Box Set pack if you want your game ready to play straight from the box.



IAG001 - The Killing Streets Booklet (32 pages) and Tile Sheets (10 Sheets)




Above are pages 7 and 27 from the booklet.  Page 7 is from the rules section and page 27 details Mission 7 of the nine unique missions in the book.


Booklet Contents and Page numbers:


Introduction                                                                     2

The Ion Age                                                                     3

The Rules of Firefight                                                   4-15 & 18

Troops and Weapons Tables                                     16-17

Armies of the Marcher Barons                                     19-20

Missions and Squads in Firefight                                20

The Killing Street Missions (1-9)                                 21-29

Ion Age Miniatures and Pack Details                         30

Quick Reference Firefight Options Table                  31


Tile Sheets (10) by Contents:


FF2.0 Set 1 - Sheet A          Road Segment 1, Pavement 1, Pavement 2, Scenics (Skimmers x3, Rubbacrete Blocks x2)

FF2.0 Set 1 - Sheet B          Road Segment 2, Pavement 3, Pavement 4, Scenics (Barricade x3, Rubble x2)  

FF2.0 Set 1 - Sheet C          Road Segment 3, Pavement 1, Pavement 5, Scenics (Skips x2, Rubbacrete Blocks x2, Rubble x2)

FF2.0 Set 1 - Sheet D          Road Segment 4, Pavement 6, Pavement 7, Pavement 8, Pavement 9, Scenics (Road Barrier x5, Data Console 1 x1,  Manhole Open, Manhole Closed)

FF2.0 Set 1 - Sheet E          Road Segment 5, Pavement 6, Pavement 6,  Pavement 7, Pavement 9, Scenics (Rubble x3, Rubbacrete Blocks x2, Metal Locker x3)

FF2.0 Set 1 - Sheet F          Road Segment 6, Pavement 1,  Scenics (Emplacement, Automobile 1, Automobile 2, Skimmers x 1, Skip x 1, Barricade x1)

FF2.0 Set 1 - Sheet G          Road End Segment , Pavement 2, Pavement 5, Pavement 5, Pavement 10, Scenics (Automobile 3, Skip x 1)

FF2.0 Set 1 - Sheet H          Crossroad Segment, Pavement 10, Pavement 10, Scenics (Data Console 2, Emplacement , Automobile 4, Automobile 5, Rubbacrete Blocks x2, Road Barrier x2)

FF2.0 Set 1 - Sheet I            Parking Bay Segment, Air Mine Markers x10, Sentry Gun Light Markers x4, Sentry Gun Heavy Markers x4, Force Pavaise Marker x4, Objective Marker x2

FF2.0 Set 1 - Sheet J          Loading Bay Segment.  Also Firefight in Play Tokens (Rubble, Gas/Smoke, Turn Done, Aimed Fire, Stay Frosty, Ammo, Prone - 96 tokens) 



IAB001 Action Dice


Ten 7mm D6 Dice in Yellow and Black.  Perfect for use in Firefight.







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