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LE045 Bange and Oafson


Two Trolkin Characters

This code is limited to one thousand numbered packs only and is supplied in a blister containing the 28mm scale white metal miniatures and plastic bases.


For more information on the Trolkin please refer to 5026 Death in the Snow or the free Troll Booklet PDF which contains stats for both Flintloque and Slaughterloo.


See below for additional views of this limited edition miniature and a transcript of the character information.

Price: £8.00



The Bayng and Oafson Twins
Something of celebrities back in Copendaz, these two twin brothers are capable of some quite amazing optical tricks.  Through concentrating they can make their skins turn to almost any colour and can even display crude images on their backs too!  They fight with the Krolsberg Jagers and command the 1st Regiments, 3rd Company between them both holding the rank of Captain.  They were at the head of the initial inspection of Vilnau the seemingly empty city during the advance of the Grande Armee du Norde.  As a result they have a good understanding of the Witchlands and its foul denizens.

Both the brothers are Experienced / Light Troop / Elite Trolkin and both are armed with Dwarf Jager Rifles plus Bayng has a Dwarf MkII Blunderbuss and Oafson has a steel lance (they are real performers!).
Due to their skin display tricks both of them give any enemy shooting against them a -10% Accuracy modifier. Bayng is an expert shot (he constantly wears a pair of thick rimmed spectacles) and can add 10% to all his shooting while Oafson conveys the standard bearers bonus to his Section each turn even if he moves and attacks normally.  The two of them are inseparable and cost together 112 Points.

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