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Publications & Games

Smaller ranges and titles can be found in this section simply click on the links above to view them.

The Duel - Before the age of black powder on Valon there was the Elven Civil War.  One on one fantasy sword duels with an element of Roleplay.


Publications -  Here you can find all of the major rulebooks which we currently have in stock.  These include;


Flintloque - 28mm Fantasy Napoleonique Skirmish

Slaughterloo - 28mm Napoleonique Mass Battle

DarkeStorme - 28mm /15mm Fantasy Skirmish

Typhon - Heroic Scale Greek Myth

Erin - Celtic Mythology

Maelstrome - Fantasy Mass Battle

Laserburn - The Classic sci-fi system

Alien Squad Leader (ASQL) - Unique 15mm science fiction rules

HOTT 2nd Edition - Popular 15mm Fantasy system based on DBA

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