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Slaughterloo Games Systems & Supplements

In this section you can find all of the Slaughterloo rules sets and supplements.


Choose from either the new Slaughterloo 2nd Edition boxed which contains among other things two 120 page books and reference sheets, click on the product here for more information, or the older Slaughterloo 1st edition.


Both sets of rules are perfectly valid for play with Slaughterloo 2nd Edition being greatly expanded in all areas but still the same game.

5000 Slaughterloo - OUT OF STOCK
28mm Blackpowder Mass Battle
Price: £15.00
AA Compendium No 1
AACOMP01 64 Page Sourcebook for AA Games
Price: £5.00
RT2009 The Rarest Tin
Collectors Resource and Guide to Limited Miniatures
Price: £5.00

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