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The Guild Room


All Metal Scenic Items and Stock Characters in 25/28mm scale.



Welcome to The Guild Room your first choice for all Metal scenic items and stock characters in 28mm for use in your War Gaming and Roleplaying.


Each of these items is manufactured to a high standard and offered to you for an excellent price. Suitable for 25mm or 28mm use. This is a very diverse collection of items from Dungeon Equipment to Taverns and Town scenes along with other more adult items in the Harem and Slave Market sections.Along with the normal fare of barrels, boxes, doors and columns there are more exotic and rarer items to be found. Each item can be purchased on its own so you can get exactly what you want for your campaign.


The Miniatures  - Click on the top links for the section of your choice:



The Barbarians - A great mix of warriors for any fantasy campaign needing characters


Dungeon Equipment - All you need to kit out a typical dungeon.

The Wizards Workshop Collection - Sorcery and Magic items.

The Marketplace Collection - All the typical town and city scenes.

The Torture Collection - Want to pain your players, find it here.

The Bar Room Collection - Taverns and Inn scenes.

The Harem - The sultry and mysterious east. ADULT CONTENT.

The Slave Market - Want cheap labour, find it here! ADULT CONTENT.


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