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The Monsters of Greece

In this section you will find the Monsters of Greece.


These mighty foes are the stuff of legend and include the huge Hydra of Lerna and the Minotaur of Minos.   All are white metal kits which often tower over the 50mm Human miniatures in the range.


New Monster!


HE10 Thoas the Giant

(please note the TY14 Figure is for scale only and is not supplied)



HE10 Thoas
A Giant - Ally of Hades
Price: £7.00
HE01 Hydra of Lerna
7 Headed Hydra - Serpent 'Eater of Men'
Price: £18.00
HE02 The Minotaur
The Bull of Minos
Price: £9.50
HE03 The Chimera
3 Headed Monster - Spawn of Typhon
Price: £18.00
HE04 The Griffin
1 Winged Monster
Price: £14.00
HE05 The Cadmus Dragon
The ferocious Guardian of the Golden Fleece
Price: £18.00
HE06 The Harpies
'The Hounds of Zeus' - 3 Harpies
Price: £6.00
HE07 The Cyclopes
'Round Eye' Son of Poseidon
Price: £9.50
HE08 The Medusa
Gorgon of The Far West, one of the 3 Sisters
Price: £6.00
HE09 The Nemean Lion
Foe of Hercules
Price: £7.00

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