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VLE11 Gingerbread Set


250 Packs Only

VLE11 The Gingerbread Set


This code is limited to only 250 packs before the master and molds are destroyed. Supplied with numbered insert containing optional rules and uniform guide. This is the eleventh code in the very limited range.


The pack contains six white metal one piece miniatures in 28mm scale. An Undead Baker with two Dwarf Kitchen Assistants along with three identical large Gingerbread men.


A unique set of miniatures you will not find anywhere else! Perfect for exotic Flintloque games or other fantasy settings.


Full rules for this set can be found here. Plastic Bases are supplied for all miniatures in this pack.

Price: £12.00



'Deep in the Musty Darkness of the Witchlands something flavoursome stirs....'

The Elves of the 167eme never knew what hit them. Marching through the endless snow towards the village of Ladelova the soldiers had wrapped their lockes and fixed their bayonets realising that in the blizzard their black powder would not fire. More than that any enemy would rise up in front of them out of nowhere. They were experienced troops, they had battled the Undead before and the hated Zombiski Cossacks too but what confronted them was too strange to cope with.

Out of the snow came what looked like a solitary Zombie wearing what looked like a very tall white hat that was bobbing in the ever present wind. Behind this denizen of the dead were two terrified Dwarves who were also wearing tall white hats. The soldiers stopped their advance and waited for orders. This was unprecedented. These Witchlanders were not even armed! Aside from their location the trio seemed better suited to a Lyonesse kitchen than here in a frozen hell.

Bunching up to get a better look the Elves waited for their leader to move to the fore. As the commanding officer did so the tall thin Undead baker, for that is what he appeared to be, took a long wooden spoon from its belt and waved it to the left and then to the right before shouting two words and then in turning around walked away.

"Bonne Appetite!"

The bemused Elves stood and stared and that was why they never saw what hit them. Out of the drifting snow on either side of them came huge striding shapes. What were they, too thin for Ogres, too tall for Werewolves, too rigid to be mortal. They strode on legs that did not bend and had heads so much bigger than their bodies. What where they?

A few of the more veteran soldiers took a few steps back and readied their muskets but most just gawked. Then the looming creatures were upon them. Standing taller than any Elf and with ice and snow crusted to their rounded limbs and heads they were...made of hard baked biscuit! Then the Gingerbread Men were among the Elves and crushing skulls and splintering bones with every swing of their arms. Black jellied fruit eyes looked down with menace and the few musket balls that struck the rock hard biscuit bodies did little to slow them.

Few escaped and they were not believed. The dead might walk and magicke real in places...but Gingerbread soldiers in the service of the Dark Czar...hah!

Flintloque Statistics

This is a unique set and to make full use of it you will need a copy of a Flintloque Game Book such as 5026 Death in the Snow or 5025 War in Catalucia. Here are the statistics for use in Flintloque 3rd edition for these characters.


Bakerov the Cook: This character is a Savant Zombie who carries an enchanted wooden spoon. He is unarmed but due to his fearsome appearance he gains +1 in all melee rolls. He controls the Gingerbread Men using the spoon. This happens automatically as long as he is alive and in play with a range of 50cm. If he is killed or any controlled creature is more than 50cm from Bakerov then treat them as having 'Brain Freeze' with a roll result of 1 on a D10 per turn chance of recovery. Bakerov is the brother of the evil mastermind Doctorov and many have commented on their similar appearance. In fact Bakerov was the more talented of the brothers but his interest was not science, it was to be precise. Shame he was also evil!

The Dwarf Assistants: Findas and Burtseye are Barkerov's kitchen assistants and are responsible for the cooking, creation and maintaining of the Gingerbread Men. Both are Average / Regular Dwarves armed with knives. They are never 'shaken', after all they spend their lives around horror. Whenever one of the Dwarves is in base to base contact with a Gingerbread Man they may attempt to repair it if damaged. This takes one action and you must roll 1D10, on an even result one Wound is removed but on an odd result the mix is off and the creature loses one additional Wound.

Gingerbread Men: Terrifying and yet oddly humorous to look at the creations of Bakerov are unlike anything else in the Witchlands. Possessed of great strength and sugary taste these creatures are actually rather dangerous on the field of not let their appearance fool you! Below you can see the statistics for a Gingerbread Man. They are unarmed and have four wounds each. While not strictly Undead they are not mortal and are in thrall to the magicke wooden spoon carried by Bakerov. 

Gingerbread Man
Movement (Double March) 16
Movement (Quick March) 12
Movement (Slow March) 8
Movement (Half Step March) 4
Steady 5
Wounds 4
Discipline N/A
Melee Modifier +4
Points Cost 35

Have fun and look out for the special Salute 2012 scenario 'Sharke's Gingerbread' which features these characters and those from 5109 Sharkes Chosen.


Want to know more about the fellow behind the mad idea for this set...Mr Tony Harwood?  If you do then visit his blog HERE.


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