Alien Squad Leader and 100 Army Packs

In this section you will find information and products directly related to the Alien Squad Leader game system and its universe. There is a dedicated independent chat group for Alien Squad Leader (ASQL), you can join it by clicking on this link: ASQL Group.  We offer the rules and several pre-made 100 point army packs which include all the miniatures and bases you need to play.

Why Play Alien Squad Leader?  We present an essay by the author of the rules Alex Self all about his vision of ASQL and what it means to 15mm science fiction wargamers.  Download it as a PDF from our dropbox for free HERE.

There is now an Errata PDF for Alien Squad Leader 2.0.  This two page document contains all the points raised by years playing all over the world.  Want to have it for free and links to reviews and resources? Go to our blog post HERE.


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