IB27 Nobles of Prydia

Alternative Armies

SKU: ib27

This code contains three metal 28mm scale miniatures.  

The Nobles of Prydia can be found leading Lances or even larger formations in the Prydian Army or the forces of any of the Marcher Barons.  These are the bigger, tougher leaders of your Knights in personalised powered armour.

Here is a list of the poses in this code:

Pose One - IA102 Noble with Carnwennan Pistol

Pose Two - IA103 Noble with Carnwennan Pistol

Pose Three - IA104 Noble with Carnwennan Pistol

This code comprises three different poses of 28mm scale white metal miniatures.  You have the option of purchasing a pack or three packs with a saving.  You can also purchase each pose from this code as a single miniature for maximum flexibility.  When selecting single poses they are numbered, running left to right in the colour image.  

NOTE:  The mono images are for plain reference only and poses do not always run left to right!

NOTE:  The superb paint job on IA103 shown in white with a blue backdrop was done by Simon Bradley of 'Stone Cold Lead'; look him up on Facebook.  We do not supply miniatures painted to this standard but it shows just how awesome our miniatures are!

Supplied Unpainted