HOF164 Daisy Cutter GNATS Mech (70mm tall)

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SKU: hof164

15mm Scale - One Mech Kit

This 15mm scale high quality resin kit contains all the pieces needed to assemble the Daisy Cutter GNATS. Standing at 70mm tall when assembled it has five pieces which create a durable model made for use on your gaming table. GNATS stands for 'Giant Neuro Assist Titanic Soldiers' and they are the ultimate weapon of battle.

The model is easy to assemble. It is supplied unpainted and unassembled without a base (base shown is a 59529 50mm Round). Other miniatures from the HOF range are shown for scale only (SFA Trooper is 16mm tall) and not supplied. You can purchase ONE kit or select on this page 'BUY THREE SAVE 10%' and you will get ten percent off three on screen.

Produced by the giant Bethlehem Industries site on the former Detroit the Daisy Cutter is often twinned up with the Haymaker and act as anti-armour and personnel machines.  The Daisy Cutter was so named due to its twin barreled FT506 45mm auto-cannons which have an extreme rate of fire when set on confrontation mode.  These compose the right arm.  The left arm has a manipulator hand with an under slung 20mm rotary cannon.  There is an upper hull mounted 120mm TR7 Thump Launcher with four rounds for encounters with other GNATS.  It also has a number of point defence lasers for small scale anti-infantry and material tasks both front and rear. Daisy Cutters are front line units in the USGC (United States GNATS Core). It is a tier one GNATS meaning it is a smaller encounter size machine.  

The SFA range contains a huge variety of poses of 15mm miniatures and vehicles allowing a wargamer to assemble a cohesive force for their campaigns. A whole integrated range within HOF which contains many vehicles, over 70 infantry poses, portable guns, mecha, battlesuits, defence tower and much more.