TOR18 Trees of Death

Alternative Armies

SKU: tor18_pack

Never before seen online and not seen by almost everyone a classic 1980's code re-mastered and now restored to the Torture Chamber Range.  Your chance to get something which you could not get before!

This pack contains all the 28mm metal pieces needed to assemble the Trees of Death. These are two gnarled trees with chains and a nude female miniature shackled with chains.  When assembled this model is about 100mm long.  Supplied unpainted and unassembled with no bases.  Shown on a custom made base (plastic card and resin).

Click on images to see views of the model it is a rather special piece. Great for fantasy or historical settings in wargaming or diorama.

You can select the whole set or a single tree or the nude woman with attached chains using the menu on this page.  The tree is useful on its own for scenics and the woman's chains can be bent vertical to have her hanging for other set ups.  Note that the standing nude woman with chains and the Orc and Goblin torturer miniatures are not in this set but they ARE part of this code as single pieces.  Shown for illustration only.