CEM02 Crystal Elf Cavalry Multitude Boxed Set - Save 10%

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A great opportunity to get your hands on a box of brilliant miniatures giving an instant force for skirmish level wargaming or the core of a whole army to expand from. This boxed set code contains eighteen cavalry and two infantry which are different 28mm white metal and resin miniatures approx 28mm average Elf height. Great quality, great choice and great value too.

CEM02 Crystal Elf Cavalry Multitude
(18 Elf Cavalry and Commanders plus 2 Infantry and you save 10% off single pack purchase).

These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Select your choice from the drop down product menu. Choose from a boxed set or three boxed sets with an additional 10% saving applied (meaning 20% off single pack prices). Assembly is required with some miniatures.

*NB: The mix of horse types and additional parts in white metal and resin supplied will vary in this pack.

Here is a listing of all the packs which are all included in the Multitude:

CE2 Crystal Tribune and Sorceress (2)
CE3 Crystal Empress Lancers (2) 
CE4 Garde Dragoon Cavalry (2) 
CE5 Garde Dragoon Command (2) 
CE6 Garde Lancer Command (2) 
CE7 Garde Lancers (2) 
CE8 Garde Cuirassier Command (2) 
CE9 Garde Cuirassiers (2) 
CE13 Empress Elite Cavalry (2) 
CE20 Crystal Elf Knights (2)
CE21 Crown Prince Mordred with Aide (2)