GRN25 Grinning Skull 23 (Wave 2) Set - Save 10%

Alternative Armies

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This special pack gets you one of each of the twenty three different miniatures in the second wave of releases from Grinning Skull. That is codes GRN26 to GRN48 in 28mm scale. White Metal and Resin miniatures of the Kize Aliens, Zargalian Invaders, Oggum Oggra, Oggborgs, Chukk, Baahl and the mighty Clukkatrix too. The pack offers a 10% saving off list prices of single purchase and you can also use the drop down menu on the product page to buy three sets and save a further 10%. Excellent if you are into skirmish and want a variety of foes that are fun to paint and to use in your campaigns. Average miniature height is 20mm but look to the images for scales as well. 

Suitable for use in any science fiction setting.

This code is supplied without bases and is supplied unpainted.