Pro-Painted 28mm Fantasy Miniatures

Alternative Armies is re-releasing its classic 28mm High Fantasy range at great value prices and a fine pace. As some of you know Alternative Armies also supplies many thousands of pro-painted and based miniatures every year. Indeed you only need to look at any code in the huge World of Valon range (Flintloque and Slaughterloo) and you will see options on the drop down menu to purchase the miniatures unpainted or pro-painted.

We have hundreds of happy customers all over the world who purchase painted and ready to play from us every year. With our High Fantasy range we do not offer it painted and based on its own pages but we do have stocks of hand painted here in Scotland 28mm scale high fantasy miniatures on their own page of our website. These are the same ones offered on their own pages of our website but painted to a high tabletop standard with sculpted basing effect as well.

Prices include the miniature, the painting, the base and basing effect. Excellent value. Since the stocks are fluid of pro-painted we place what we have in current stock on this page.