VNT29-02 Stricken Adventurer-Pro-Painted 28mm Fantasy Miniature

Alternative Armies

SKU: pp133_29_02

This is a pro-painted and sculpted basing effect white metal miniature on a 40mm round plastic base. 

"When you sign up with a party all you see are riches and glory in store.  Sadly not for all.  For some the adventure ends in a tunnel or cavern injured with something nasty gnawing at your leg."

VNT29-01: Human Adventurer being nibbled upon! - Pro-Painted and Based.

28mm Scale Classic High Fantasy miniature suitable for any game system.

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This miniature is supplied painted and based by our staff in Scotland (it will be delivered finished and ready to use out of the box).  Note that what you see here is what you are purchasing although there may be slight colour differences in the nature of  miniatures that are hand painted.