IB37 Nox Troopers-Pro-Painted Set of 3 Space Opera Miniatures & Ready to Ship

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SKU: IB37 Nox Troopers - pro-painted ready to ship

IB37 Nox Troopers: This code contains three white metal 28mm scale ready-to-go painted miniatures all set on 30mm round MDF scenic terrain bases. 

Taken from the best that the Legion has to offer the Nox are the best infantry in Shia Khan Empire service.  Wearing powered Segmentum Armour the Nox are grim enemies on the battlefield.  Hard to stop the Nox are foes worthy of the best Retained Knights. Great for skirmish level games or combining with other codes for bigger formations and battles.

The Nox of the Legions operate in Ordos (32 Legionaries), Tesserans (8 Legionaries) and Demos (2 Legionaries).

Here is a list of the poses in this code:

Pose One - IA138 Nox Trooper with Janus Blast Gun

Pose Two - IA139 Nox Trooper with Hydra Laser Shotgun

Pose Three - IA140 Nox Trooper with Janus Blastgun

Three different poses of 28mm scale white metal miniatures. 

Supplied fully painted and finished on a 30mm round MDF terrain Base. The miniatures are finished to a high tabletop standard and ready to use.  What you see is what you purchase although where there is more than 1 set in stock there will be some small differences.

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