Tabletop Miniatures 15mm Fantasy Range - Items tagged as "Halfling"

A classic range of 15mm Fantasy miniatures originating with Tabletop Miniatures and Asgard Miniatures in the 1980's this listing include many personalities and unusual monsters and creatures in addition to the now staples of Fantasy gaming. The range features every miniature and monster on its own integral base fitted to the size of that exact miniature.

A note on scale in these classic miniatures. Asgard classic 15mm miniatures are larger than true 15mm scale and would be classed in modern terms closer to 18mm scale while the Tabletop TTF miniatures are smaller true 15mm scale as is Laserburn.

The Tabletop Range can be purchased in pack codes and option for purchasing single poses from a pack which is excellent for skirmishing and for single pose unit building.  Have a browse!