TY23 Grecian Lady

Alternative Armies

SKU: ty23

One white metal miniature from the Typhon range.

Suitable for all Typhon myths and games she stands 42mm tall from sole of foot to top of head (not including base) and is a single piece casting. This miniature is intended for use in Typhon as a scenario objective such as an Oracle, Seer, Prisoner of a Monster or wife / lover of a Hero or Champion.

While not a fighter herself she can aid a Sacred Band of Mortals (perhaps even of Shades if she is a priestess of Hades) by being beloved of the Gods. Many women are favoured by the gods with powers that can aid in battle.

There are rules and statistics for the use of Women in Typhon in Alternative Armies New Releases PDF No 14 2008. This can be requested from us directly for free by email.


This code is supplied without bases and is supplied unpainted. Assembly is required with most miniatures.