5005 Lady Wintermores Fangs - Flintloque Set (Single Miniatures or Full Set)

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In a ballroom in Moskova the trap is sprung!  Will the Elves make it out alive from the House of Wintermore?  Field these characters in your Flintloque forces for the Elves of Armorica and the Undead of the Witchlands.  Get the box set or single miniatures!

A classic scenario set complete with all sixteen miniatures, scenarios, additional rules, story and background in a spiral bound copy (and as a download - see below) to allow you to set up and play Flintloque 2nd edition.  Scenarios can be played on their own or linked and all the miniatures can be used for them and then again in all other playing of Flintloque 3rd edition in the future.  This scenario set contains some special miniatures grouped together that are unique to this code.

You can purchase the full set or you can choose single codes from within the set.  Click on the button you wish and refer to the second image here which has all of the 5005 poses identified by letter upon it.  Single characters (A,B,C,D,E and G,H,I,J) or one random miniature from small groups of F (L'Esprit du Garde Troopers on foot) or K (Graviski Zombies) where we will send you one miniature ensuring it is different to the maximum number of poses before we repeat a pose if you order more than one of F or K.

You can download a free copy of the booklet from this set which has been updated to Flintloque 3rd Edition.  Created over at Orcs in the Webbe by Craig Andrews HERE and hosted on our website HERE too.

Characters in this set are expanded upon in the general range for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  For instance mounted versions of Ivan Wintermore (LE018) and Lamia Wintermore (LE025) plus mounted L'Esprite du Garde (51501) plus you can use the dismounted cavalry troopers for those on foot alongside our Elf Dragoons (51533).  Just search by code or look in the Elves of Armorica or Undead of Witchlands pages.

These miniatures are supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted.  All these miniatures are from this code. Select your option on this page. Assembly is required with most miniatures.

You can also purchase each of these options pro-painted and based ready for play Contact us for information.