51533 Elf Line Dragoon Unit (10 Elves on Horses)

Alternative Armies

SKU: 51533u


The Ferach Elf Line Dragoons are Armorican light cavalry armed with swords and carbines.

The most modular miniatures ever created by Alternative Armies with both riders and horses possible in dozens of poses. Refer to the images to see all the parts and views of a typically assembled set of 51533 in the uniform of the 18th Dragoons.  Refer to our BLOG for more information in a posting that links to a lot of information and pictures.

Click on this LINK to download the four page free insert for this set.  Click on this LINK for a modelling and painting article about them.

51533-U Ten Miniatures - Unit Pack

(Officer, Standard Bearer, Musician ,Sergeant, Trooper 4 kits). With five added Troopers, 1,2,3,4 and one more kits) with ten Horse kits. Ten Miniatures Total!

You can also purchase each of these options pro-painted and based ready for play.  Select from the drop down menu above.

Painted and Based units will be provided in the uniform of the 18th Dragoons (shown) and assembled nicely but randomly posed by our staff. This is unless you ask for something else. For example if you order a painted unit you can email us with your order number and ask for it to be in a different uniform or all troopers armed with sword or all with carbine at no extra cost.  Do this please within an hour of placing an order.

These miniatures are unassembled, supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted (unless purchased painted and based in which case they will be delivered finished and ready to use out of the box). Select your option on this page. Assembly is required.  Note that due to their nature our hand painted miniatures may vary from images shown but we maintain a high tabletop standard.