53511 Kinkon Goblin Sepoys-Pro-Painted Ready to Ship

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The Kinkon Goblins - 16 white metal mixed troopers pro-painted and fully finished with 25mm square resin cartouche scenic terrain bases

Encompassing a huge realm of jungle with many mighty rivers, a delta and several score islands the Realm of Kinkon is a mysterious place which is ripe for plucking but is filled with dangers too. The trading fleets of the HEVC and others make great use of the local Kinkon Goblins in their forces and the Company has managed to turn most of the ‘accessible’ parts of Kinkon into an enclave of wooden and sometimes bamboo forts and ports. Waging an ongoing war alongside regular Great Britorcn battalions and the Royul Navye the Company also has many thousands of soldiers battling the Ferach Empyre in Kinkon. Bringing in a lot of Uropean soldiers is a time consuming and expensive business and all the great powers especially the HEVC make extensive use of many native levies to fill out their ranks.

The Kinkon Goblins dressed in their distinctive loin cloths and wooden armour with their eye catching sedge hats (conical hats made of strawed bamboo) arm themselves with bamboo spears and small composite bows, sometimes with iron swords traded for sacks of rice with HEVC merchants. The pace of progress though has also reached the Kinkon Goblins and they now have some primitive muskets of their own and also an ingenious small cannon made from hollow re-enforced bamboo logs, its light and resists rust but it is prone to exploding! Kinkon Goblins will happily fight for anyone who will pay them and private piratical bands operate at will in the Realm of Kinkon.

Battalions of native Sepoys recruited from the Kinkon Delta tribes are in the employ of the HEVC, most of which are armed only with spears and bows, but some are drilled to fight in formations and make use of their own or even imported carbines and muskets, though many iron firelocks rust to orange dust in weeks in the intense steaming heat of the jungles. Native Sepoys can also be found in the employ of Elvish merchants and even some of the remotest trading posts of the Otharmann Empyre. The Realm of Kinkon is a massive area filled with wonder and danger, overgrown temples once home to the olden gods, and wild creatures far too magicke to exist now in the more civilised parts of Valon. Kinkon is but one of the remote places that harbour danger and adventure for Empyre builders. They armed with Melee Weapons and classed as Infantry.

These miniatures are supplied painted and based by our staff in Scotland (they will be delivered finished and ready to use out of the box).   All these miniatures are from this code.  Note that what you see here is what you are purchasing.

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