56589-U Pudigroan Dogman Line: 20 Pro-Painted Dog Infantry Miniature Unit:-Ready to Ship

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SKU: 56589-U Pudigroan Dogman Line:Pro-painted & Ready to ship

56589-U Pudigroan Dogman Line Infantry Pro-Painted Unit: 20 Pro-Painted white metal 28mm scale Dogmen miniatures. All set on 25mm square resin cartouche scenic terrain bases. Includes eight different poses: Officer, Sergeant, Flagged Standard Bearer, Musician and four different poses of trooper with musket (mixed). 

Veterans of many campaigns and extensive soldiering have made the remaining regiments of line that King Bonio possesses very effective fighters. Considered a breed apart these troops perform very well in battle. The structure of Regular line battalion is as follows. Three Battalions make up a Regiment. Each battalion contains fifteen hundred Dogmen at full muster and have ten companies one of which is designated Light Troop and one Grenadier. Each company has one hundred and fifty Dogs which are separated into two Platoons and a headquarters element totaling about seventy five soldiers and officers. A Section normally has ten to twenty Dogs including an Officer, a lesser Officer, a couple of Sergeants, a musician and standard bearer, the rest being Privates. They are armed with a Ferach Musket and a Bayonet, Officers have a Sword and or a High Elf pistol, Sergeants have a Spontoon or musket. Standard Grenades or some Elf Fyre Grenades are carried by the grenadier companies.

The Infantry uniform consists of a dark orange tunic, grey breeches, a black tricorne with silver and an orange plume, black shoes. Facing colours (cuffs, collars, etc.) are bottle green. Equipment is black with equipment straps being of white leather.

These miniatures qre supplied painted and based by our staff in Scotland (they will be delivered finished and ready to use out of the box).   All these miniatures are from this code.  Note that what you see here is what you are purchasing. Where there is more than set in stock there will be some colour and detail differences.

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