59538 Barricade Set (Pack of Eight): Pro-Painted-Ready to Ship

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59538 Barricade Set (Pack of Eight). Pro-Painted Set -Ready to Ship

Eight pro-painted resin scenic pieces. 28mm scale fully finished and ready to use.

28mm scale resin terrain pieces gives you one of each of our eight barricades (codes 59530 to 59537) for use in any Horse and Musket or Fantasy or Flintloque campaign setting.

While you can learn more about each barricade by looking at its own page the set includes: Boxes and Crates, Beer Barrels, Long Table, Discarded Kitchen, Library, Ruined Apothecary, Furniture and Bed barricades. A whole encampment's worth of blocking barricades. Each is possessed of a great deal of detail. Most of 45mm long and 25mm tall but some are bigger.

Want more of these?

Email us and we will paint and finish this for you.

If you wish to learn more about the miniature in this pro-painted set search for the given code on our website to see the regular unpainted version.

These miniatures are supplied painted and based by our staff in Scotland to a high tabletop standard (they will be delivered finished and ready to use out of the box).   All these miniatures are from this code. What you see here is what you are purchasing although when more than 1 painted item is in stock there will be some differences.