CE23 Wood Elf Infantry Pro-Painted 5 Miniatures Set-25mm Metal Bases:Ready to Ship

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SKU: CE23 Wood Elf Infantry Pro-Painted-ready to ship

CE23 Wood Elf Infantry Pro-Painted Miniatures Set of 5 white metal miniatures set on 25mm round metal scenic terrain bases. 

From left to right: CE23-01: Wood Elf running with Spear, CE23-02: Wood Elf with Bow, CE23-03: Wood Elf with Axe and Shield, CE23-04: Wood Elf with Sword and Shield, CE23-05:  Wood Elf with Sword and Shield.

"Brothers of the High Crystal Elves these warriors live among the trees."

28mm Scale High Fantasy miniatures suitable for any game system.

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If you wish to learn more about the miniatures in this pro-painted set search for the given code on our website to see the regular unpainted version.

These miniatures are supplied painted and based by our staff in Scotland to a high tabletop standard (they will be delivered finished and ready to use out of the box).   All these miniatures are from this code. What you see here is what you are purchasing although when more than 1 painted item is in stock there will be some differences.