DH2 Halflings of the Gnomish Legion & Gnomes: Pro-Painted 6 Miniatures Set: Ready to Ship

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SKU: DH2 Halflings of the Gnomish Legion & Gnomes: Pro-Painted-ready to ship

DH2 Halflings of the Gnomish Legion & Gnomes: A Pro-Painted set of six white metal miniatures on 20mm round MDF bases. Six different 25mm/28mm white metal miniatures approx 18mm average height.

"Hard fighters in the Gmomish Legions and brutal too. Gnomes are smaller but Halflings are tougher and those that march with the army shed the fat that girdles them when they sit in the sun of their little hovels above ground. Yes, above ground. Odd isn't it. No self respecting Dwarf would ever live atop the hill rather than within it. But each to their own I suppose. The minions of the King of the Grave Mound felt their mettle on the left of our host. Their iron and ours combined carried the field and left bones at peace once more in the mud.”

From Left:

DH2-05: Halfing in Armour with Hammer and Shield, DH2-06: Halfling in Armour with Two Handed Axe, DH2-08: Halfling with Spear.

"Not all warriors in this blood soaked world are massive and brutish. Some are slight. Some are so small you might discount them as a threat but that would be an error. An error that might cost you the fine and intact finish of your skin. In the wars against the King of the Grave Mound the Dwarves used legions of Gnomish origins both Gnome and Halfings. They fought tooth and nail and though your sword can kill them as easily as any other foe of flesh they were often the survivors of the battle since those in frenzy did not see them!”

DH2-01: Gnome with Bow, DH2-03: Gnome with Dagger and Shield, DH2-04: Gnome in Cloak.

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28mm Scale High Fantasy miniatures suitable for any game system. 

These miniatures are supplied painted and based by our staff in Scotland (they will be delivered finished and ready to use out of the box).   All these miniatures are from this code.  Note that what you see here is what you are purchasing.

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 Note that due to their nature our hand painted miniatures may vary from images shown but we maintain a high tabletop standard.