DHM01 Dwarf Multitude Miniature Set - Save 5%

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A great opportunity to get your hands on a set of brilliant miniatures giving an instant force for skirmish level wargaming or the core of a whole army to expand from. This boxed set code contains sixty five different 28mm metal miniatures.

DHM01 Dwarf Multitude
(54 Dwarves, 1 Bombard Kit, 1 Knight on Pig, 4 Gnomes, 4 Halflings, 1 Fnorr. Contains packs DH01-DH14 and you save 5% off single pack purchase).

These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Assembly is required with some miniatures. Here is a listing of all the packs which are all included in the DHM01 Dwarf Multitude:

DH01 Young Dwarfs (5 Dwarfs)
DH02 Gnomish Legion - Gnomes (4 Gnomes)
DH02 Gnomish Legion – Halflings (4 Halflings)
DH03 Fnorr the Big Un (1 Monster)
DH04 High Dwarfs (5 Dwarfs)
DH05 Dwarf Polearms (5 Dwarfs)
DH06 Dwarf Missile Troops (5 Dwarfs)
DH07 Dwarf Cavern Fighters (5 Dwarfs)
DH08 Dwarf Shield Wall (5 Dwarfs)
DH09 Dwarf Adventurers (5 Dwarfs)
DH10 Dwarf Siege Bombard (1 Artillery Piece and 2 Dwarf)
DH11 Dwarf Command (5 Dwarf)
DH12 Dwarf Knight (1 Dwarf and 1 Pig)
DH13 Dwarf Beserkers (6 Dwarfs)
DH14 Dwarf Blunderbusses (6 Dwarfs)