Flintoque Pro-Painted: Special Order-2

Alternative Armies


The price for supplying, painting & basing as per your instructions would be:

LE033, General Obadiah on donkey: £18.00

5006A General Obadiah Hogswill (dismounted): £7.00

54501B Georgie Best: £7.00

54510 Orc Guard Infantry - six figures: supplied and painted as per your instructions - same as the web pic for Miniature A: £48.00

The 6 Orc Guard Infantry being Miniature A as per web pic

51041_d 2eme Regt de Ligne Command Officer with High Elf Duelling Pistol: £6.75 (painted as per the website picture,- Miniature D).

Actual Total to pay is £86.75 - Taking into account the £10.00 as discussed, listed price will be £91.50. The computer will automatically take off 20% Discount (£19.75) and then add on Shipping (£12.50) giving an end total of £86.75

Stock Level One Order for this listing.