IB28 Planetary Militia Command Set 2 Resin Bases-Pro-Painted Set of 4 Space Opera Miniatures & Ready to Ship

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IB28 Planetary Militia Command Set 2 Resin Bases: This code contains four white metal 28mm scale ready-to-go painted miniatures all set on 30mm round resin scenic terrain bases. 

Planetary Militias are raised on a world or colony or settlement and almost never serve beyond the boundaries of that place.  They are the last line of defence and though they handle everything from crowd control to insurrection they can be called upon to serve in full scale war too.  Great for skirmish level games or combining with other codes for bigger formations and battles.

The Planetary Militia operate in large Platoons (32 Soldiers), Squads (10 Soldiers) and Sticks (4 Soldiers).

Here is a list of the poses in this code:

Pose One - IA108 PM Officer, female, Tumbler SMG

Pose Two - IA109 PM Commander, Tumbler Mpi

Pose Three - IA110 PM Commander, Tumbler Mpi

Pose Four - IA111 PM Scout, kneeling, Visigogs 

Four different poses of 28mm scale white metal miniatures. 

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These miniatures are supplied painted and based by our staff in Scotland to a high tabletop standard (they will be delivered finished and ready to use out of the box).  

All these miniatures are from this code. What you see here is what you are purchasing although when more than 1 painted item is in stock there will be some differences.