IB42 Nox Command

Alternative Armies

SKU: ib42

This code contains three metal 28mm scale miniatures.  

Taken from the best that the Legion has to offer the Nox are the best infantry in Shia Khan Empire service.  Wearing powered Segmentum Armour the Nox are grim enemies on the battlefield.  Hard to stop the Nox are foes worthy of the best Retained Knights. Great for skirmish level games or combining with other codes for bigger formations and battles.

The Nox of the Legions operate in Ordos (32 Legionaries), Tesserans (8 Legionaries) and Demos (2 Legionaries).

Here is a list of the poses in this code:

Pose One - IA155 Nox Officer, open helm, Porus 18mm AP Rifle

Pose Two - IA156 Nox Tribune, banner bearer, Porus 18mm AP Rifle

Pose Three - IA157 Nox Officer, pointing, Porus 18mm AP Rifle

This code comprises three different poses of larger 28mm scale white metal miniatures.  You have the option of purchasing a pack or three packs with a saving.  You can also purchase each pose from this code as a single miniature for maximum flexibility.  When selecting single poses they are numbered.  NOTE:  The mono images are for plain reference only and poses do not always run left to right!

Supplied Unpainted