OH2 Hob Goblin Raiders

Alternative Armies

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"Keep your stout wooden doors locked and make sure the iron of the bars that criss cross your windows is strong for raiders come in the mornings dawn to carry away your precious things. Breaking down the doors they will take your coin and your finest clothes. Howling they will make threats in a tongue on Man can make sense of. Tearing through the windows and their rusted bars they will take your offspring and your wenches. All for the same end. The slave markets of the far off hot lands. Leering orange skinned goblinoids have no honour but they know greed and they know skill. Fear the Hob Goblin Raiders!"

This code contains five different 28mm metal miniatures approx 23mm average height. Poses in this code are as follows:

OH2-01: Hob Goblin walking with Spiked Club.

OH2-02: Hob Goblin ducking and leering with Shield and Axe.

OH2-03: Hob Goblin with raised Sword and Shield.

OH2-04: Hob Goblin in horned helm with Sword and Shield.

OH2-05: Hob Goblin with long curved Sword.

These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted.  Choose from a pack and single miniatures.  Total choice!  Assembly is required with some miniatures.