OH36 Goblin Knight Crew with Torsion Catapult: Set of 3 Pieces: Ready to Ship

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OH36 Goblin Knight Crew with Torsion Catapult. A Pro-Painted metals set of a Goblin Torsion Catapult and its two Goblin Knight Crew. The 28mm scale metal artillery piece and crew is great for use in any evil orientated or barbaric army. A great portable artillery piece for your force: 45mm long and 40mm tall. Fully finished with the crew set on 25mm round resin scenic terrain bases. Ready to use.

OH36-01: Goblin in full plate armour and helm pointing.

OH36-02: Goblin in full plate armour holding a large rock.

OH36-03: Torsion Catapult.

“No one told me that those damn Goblins had artillery! My men took this contract with your king on the understanding they would be fighting a bunch of stick waving savages. This is the Iron Guard! Bring me my horse squire. This campaign is over!“

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