• Pro-Painted VLE04 Officer McTavish
  • Pro-Painted VLE04 Officer McTavish

Pro-Painted VLE04 Officer McTavish


Pro-Painted Miniatures


From The 'SWOP Drawer' a sold out Very Limited Edition: VLE04 Officer McTavish. Fully pro-painted, based & finished white metal 28mm scale miniatures on 25mm resin terrain bases. 

“Ah used tay be in the furty fairth masel.  Afore that I wuz way the lights in Souff Amerka an the Macaw, that whur I kenned ma trade in powdur.”

Colonel Ambrose Flossorc listened to the Joccian as he gave his report into the destruction of the citadel of Los Burpoeoz in eastern Catalucia the previous month.  He was pleased with McTavish but the Rat was not the kind of Officer to take to the palace, he was a fighting officer and that suited Flossorc very well.  That was what Wheeling-Turn needed now to beat the Elves back.

The Colonel asked a few more questions but he could see that McTavish was not really listening, in fact he kept fiddling with the small pouches about his person, looking for some tobacci but finding more and more black powder instead.  Perhaps it would be wise to send the Rat on his way before what happened to the citadel happened to Colonel Ambrose Flossorc as well!  He dismissed McTavish.

 “Aye, so if yur done wi me purhaps ah can git back tay blowing up mordies wee buggers, sir.”

 - Officer McTavish, Royul Ordinance, Catalucia

These miniatures are supplied painted and based by our staff in Scotland (they will be delivered finished and ready to use out of the box).   All these miniatures are from this code.  Note that what you see here is what you are purchasing.

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