PTD BP13 The Barbarian Warpack: 12 Human Barbarians of the Wilds

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SKU: ptdBP13

BP13 The Barbarian Warpack: 12 Painted 28mm Scale Human Fantasy Wild Barbarians - the entire classic 28mm scale Asgard range of Jez Goodwin's Barbarian miniatures. Codes BP1 to BP12 inclusive.

Miniatures in Picture from Top Left:

Back Row Left to Right: BP1 Sternbow - BP2 Fire Daughter -  BP3 Beasthelm - BP4 The Reaver - BP5 Mad Rollo

Middle Row Left to Right: BP6 Skegling - BP7 Arflane the Archer - BP8 Anrok Stormkin -  BP9 Skai Wolfbane

Front Row Left to Right: BP10 Alaric Cleaver - BP11 Karl Two Cuts – BP12 Hax Ragged

28mm Scale High Fantasy miniatures suitable for any game system.

A miniature set painted to a high tabletop standard for use in any game system.

If you wish to learn more about this miniature set search for it on the website using its code minus 'ptd'.

Supplied hand painted, based with sculpted basing effect and you are purchasing what you see in the images on screen.  Where we have more than 1 set in stock there will be some differences in colour/tones. It will be delivered securely packaged and ready to use right out of the box.