OHM01 Goblinoid Multitude Miniatures Set - Save 5%

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A great opportunity to get your hands on a set of brilliant miniatures giving an instant force for skirmish level wargaming or the core of a whole army to expand from. This boxed set code contains one hundred and five different 28mm metal pieces (miniatures on foot, riders, mounts, chariot etc detailed list below). Great quality and great value too.

The Multitude . (8 Dogmen, 13 Hob Goblins, 2 Hob Goblin Cavalry, 10 Lesser Goblins, 45 Goblins, 9 Goblin Cavalry and 1 Chariot with Wolves and Crew)

Contains packs OH1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 13,14,15,16,19,20,21,28 and 30. Also KC1,  FL1 and FL2 and you save 5% off single pack purchases). 

These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Assembly is required with some miniatures. Here is a listing of all the packs which are all included in the Multitude

OH1 Nilbogs Goblin Band (10)
OH2 Hob Goblin Raiders (5)
OH3 Cros Goblin Raiders (5)
OH4 Cros Goblin Spears (5)
OH5 Goblin Wolf Riders I (2)
OH6 Dogman Warriors (4)
OH7 Goblin Wolf Riders II (2)
OH13 Goblin Warriors (5)
OH14 Goblin Archers (5)
OH15 Goblin Elite (5)
OH16 Dogmen Elites (4)
OH19 Hobgoblin Khan (4)
OH20 Hobgoblin Marauders (4)
OH21 Hobgoblin Pony Riders (2)
OH28 Goblin Chariot (1 Kit)
OH30 Goblin Knights on Dodo (5)

FL1 Goblin Knights (5)
FL2 Goblin Knight Command (10)

KC1 Coblynau (Lesser Goblins) (10)