Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy

Welcome to the Sengoku 15mm Fantasy Miniature Range.

Monster Hunter the game!  Two Books!

Sculpted by John Bell these miniatures allow you to field a force of mythical Japanese creatures and others suitable for any game system. The range includes over one hundred and seventy different 15mm miniatures depicting Hunters, Monsters, Yokai, Demons, Milestones, Soba Shop as well as Buildings.

We offer every miniature as a single casting as well as packs containing one of everything with a small saving and lastly packs of themed miniatures of selected poses with a small saving. All miniatures are high quality metal or resin and are supplied unpainted and without bases.

There is a deep independent review of Sengoku Monster Hunter over on The Resin Tomb Blog for you to read.  Go HERE for it.

A short independent look at Sengoku Monster Hunter translated from Spanish by Slorm Wargamer about solo play.  Go HERE to read it.

Written and created by John Bell.  Click HERE to download a two page bolt on to Sengoku Monster Hunter which lets you if it were a classic vertical scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game.

The Expansion to monster hunter!  Learn more about Sengoku Monster Hunter Rampage on our BLOG including two free downloads.

Dragons in Monster Hunter

A one page free article which fits into Sengoku Monster Hunter and Rampage.  CLICK HERE to download.  Dragons have a mist cloud and sometimes have gems in their hides as well as a deadly breath attack.  The article has an encounter token to cut out for your pile and a stats line for play.

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