Laserburn 15mm Science Fiction

'Man has reached the Stars and the highest pinnacles of science and civilisation,and is now well on his way down the long bloody slide back to barbarism.'

The classic range Laserburn has been around and adored since the dawn of the 1980's. Here you will find every book, miniature and vehicle from the restored range. Metal and resin. Every code can be bought as single miniature, or you can select a value pack with a baked in saving. There is also a starter game set.  Everything from Imperial Infantry in fatigues, power armour and dreadnought armour to rebels, civilians, thugs, adventurers. law officers, spacesuits and starship crews. Robots and mercenaries along with many aliens and a full array of vehicles.

Please note that Laserburn is TRUE 15MM SCALE meaning 15mm to top of head for a Human. They are smaller than modern 15mm such as the HOF and Ion Age ranges.