Napoleonique 28mm scale Terrain

In the towns and villages of the World of Valon and on its battlefields too there is terrain.  This might be buildings or it might be rivers and trees and more.  On this page of the Alternative Armies website we present purpose designed 28mm scale terrain for use with Flintloque or any Horse and Wagon or Napoleonic setting.

Each terrain piece can be explored by clicking on it below.  Suitable for use in any of our black powder fantasy games or other systems in such settings in 28mm with Humans and Historical.  Lovely stuff and very affordable.

Unless otherwise stated all of our terrain codes are made of high grade resin with occasional white metal pieces.

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59525 Campaign Table

From £5.00 - £13.50

59523 Abandoned Beer Wagon

From £6.00 - £16.20

5003B Festoons and Boxes

From £0.75 - £16.00

56124 Dead Horses

From £4.00 - £8.00

59010 Slaughterloo Monument

From £5.00 - £32.40

VLE13 The Gnomish Notary

From £12.00 - £25.00

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