Limited Edition Miniatures

The great and good, the evil and notorious from all of Valon can be found here. The most able of Generals to the worst of felons in a range of unique limited edition miniatures. Each miniature comes in a numbered pack so that you can record which of the 1000 castings only, that is in your personal collection.

Please note that those LE Miniatures marked as 'Sold Out' have reached their maximum production number of 1000 (or 500 in the cases of LE001 to LE005), we cannot supply sold out LE miniatures.  However upon occasion Alternative Armies does have LE miniatures returned to us for exchange, trade etc.  If you are looking for a certain LE miniature then please email us with your interest and the code you desire and we will endevour to assist you.

We also have VN01 Limited Edition Vignette which is a set restricted to 500 packs only.

We have a range of Very Limited Edition Miniatures too.  All restricted to 250 packs only. 

The VLE range aims to provide the player of Flintloque (and Slaughterloo) with collectible limited run miniatures that depict some of the more unusual characters that can be found on Valon’s battlefields. With only 250 numbered packs being produced of each VLE code these miniatures will not, in fairness to the gamer, consist of ‘named generals’ or other powerful and wide ranging characters; just fun miniatures for avid Flintloque players and Slaughterloo generals.

Some of the codes are SOLD OUT and these are shown with a marker as such but they are on these pages so you can see the sold out codes if you get the chance to add them to your collection.  On occasion sold out codes will be reactivated if stock is returned to us.

(Lastly we have a small range of PRM miniatures which in this section but are NOT limited in stock)

If you wish to ask what percentage of a limited code remains in stock email us and ask and we will be happy to tell you.

Pro-Painted Miniatures: Alternative Armies paints and bases many thousands of miniatures each year. Most of these are sold directly to customers or listed on our Painted Miniatures pages on the website. However we do offer a quotation to price on every range and miniature which we make. If you see something you would like to ask us to quote upon then send an email to listing your name and tell you a price for tabletop standard and sculpted basing effect. We offer good quality for a good price. Ask away!