Ganesha Games Scifi

Alternative Armies manufactures Ganesha Games 28mm scale metal and resin miniature lines under an official agreement. Miniatures made and shipped from Scotland. You can visit their website for resources and more HERE.  All miniatures are supplied unassembled, unpainted and without bases.  These miniatures use 'slot bases'. All miniatures are sold as singles and also in packs.

On this page are all of the 28mm Scale Science Fiction miniatures in the range.

PSI PALADINS. Ganesha Games expansion range for MUTANTS AND DEATH RAYS GUNS with robots, aliens and human warriors too. These are 'slotta base' or clear base miniatures which require skill to assemble.  Excellent!

PROJECT SIMIAN ULTRA X Range. In the not too distant future, a secret military project was initiated to create a genetically engineered soldier. Strange bio soldiers to use in your favourite wargame or RPG system.