Seasons of Celebration Range

A 28mm and 15mm Range.  Choose your scale.

15mm in the Seasonal Range. Here we have all of our Christmas themed miniatures in packs and value sets. In 15mm scale we have Evil Snowmen, Killer Xmas Trees, Scary Big Monsters plus Psycho Presents, Gingerbread Men and Jack Frost these are all great for any 15mm fantasy, science fiction and so on wargame system.  Second half of this page.

28mm in the Seasonal Range.  Here we have 28mm Snowmen in four packs for Normal, Sci-fi, Fantasy and Black Powder Fantasy.  Of course they can be used in any setting as well.  They are separate arms and heads so some pose options.  We also have an Autumn Witch, a Priestess, Ice Queen and a Midsummer Druidess as well.  Now we have Festive Fomorians with five little Pukki in Christmas outfits.  Now a Christmas house too!