Flintloque Game System

Flintloque is a unique wargame system with its own range of 28mm scale miniatures set in the World of Valon.  Skirmish wargaming in a fantasy blackpowder napoleonique way that is scenario based and character driven with a sense of humour.  Now in its third edition Flintloque the Skirmish is unlike anything else in tabletop wargaming.

5024 Escape from the Dark Czar! Your beginning in Flintloque.  A core game with twenty page booklet plus ten new miniatures, bases and dice too.  All you need to get started on Valon.  A boxed set or a nominal fee digital download.  See below!

Want some free articles, scenarios and more about Flintloque?  You can get this on our official blog HERE.  Browse or search by tag Flintloque.

We also offer you a choice of full Flintloque books in print or as digital downloads or as Shilling Starter Packs.  There are currently four books for Flintloque 3rd Edition. The first one War in Catalucia gives you all you need for the war between the Orcs of Albion under The Duke of Wheeling-Turn and the Ferach Elves commanded by Marshal Sault. The second book Death in the Snow introduces the Grande Armee du Norde and the disaster that is the invasion of the Undead filled Witchlands. The third is Grapeshotte the artillery, siege and armoury expansion suitable for all the other Flintloque books. The fourth is Bier and Bones which gives you the Central Urop theatre of the wars with the Ostarian Empire and the Dwarves of Krautia struggling with Finkelstein and Burrovia as well as a hundred tiny baronies and comic opera dutchies.  Each game book contains full rules. 

Would you like the Alternative Armies Free Files Stacks as downloads?  About 100mb of free files created over four plus years for Flintloque, Slaughterloo, Valon and much more. Get them plus all the most recent scenarios and Uniformation articles from our Free Downloads page.

You have the choice of purchasing any of the books or the starter packs as well as other titles here in this section of the Alternative Armies website.  We recommend if you are keen on Flintloque that you begin with the free download of 'lite' rules and then move on up.  If you have our miniatures already then you might want a book or if you are totally new a starter pack will suit you better. Price shown on this page is lowest for each code. We also offer every code with miniatures pro-painted and based for play right out of the box.  Unless otherwise stated all of our miniatures are made of white metal.

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